Composites for construction

Polymer composite materials and products for the construction industry

Composites for construction


Composite materials are a modern approach to product design that involves a meaningful combination of heterogeneous components to obtain the required service properties of strength, stiffness, chemical and climatic resistance.

The selection of the type, composition of the matrix and the type, configuration of reinforcing elements allows you to program the final properties of the product.

Polymer composite materials and products made of them are used to solve a wide range of tasks — strengthening and reinforcement of reinforced concrete structures, installation of anti-filtration curtains, shore protection, construction of objects in difficult operating conditions, in the field of active exposure to chemically active substances, etc.

System of external reinforcement

A system of reinforcing carbon fabric (tapes), carbon fiber lamellas and epoxy composition, as well as repair composition and fire protection, designed to increase the load-bearing capacity and repair: concrete, reinforced concrete, timber, and brick structures.

Polymer pontoons

Modular polymer pontoons – a system of manufactured products that offers a universal approach to solving almost any tasks for the construction of devices on the water: flatboats, Islands, floating mooring walls, dry docks, helipads, etc. The Modular design allows you to assemble different configuration options from the same basic blocks, using the same set of pontoons to solve a wide range of tasks. The layout of the structure in the form of separate closed buoyancy elements provides absolute unsinkability, and the installation scheme allows you to build structures without the use of heavy equipment, including directly on the water, as well as easily repair and replace blocks.

Polymer composite sheet pile profile

Profiles made by injection pultrusion with a polyurethane matrix, which are highly resistant to operational factors, climatic aging and exposure to chemically active technical environments. Polymer composite sheet pile profiles retain their appearance for the entire period of exploitation, including color under the influence of ultraviolet light, do not require annual costs for maintaining structures made of them.

Composite load-bearing elements

Load-bearing elements made by pultrusion, which have the following main advantages: — low dead weight and high specific strength; — resistance to climatic effects, exposure to chemically active technical environments; Using pultrusion bearing structures, it is possible to rely not only on mass-produced profiles, but also to develop a profile with the required characteristics and geometry for a specific task. These products have a wide range of applications: railings, viewing platforms, decking, load-bearing beams in chemical industries, etc.